Monday, April 25, 2011

Youtube Sensations You Might Just Watched A While Ago

There's ain't another day facing your computer by just checking your emails, viewing your social networking sites and chatting with your long lost friends but it will be complete if you watch your favorite internet personalities. We cannot doubt that with just one click, your neighbor next door may become an instant celebrity. To start of, here are some of the most likely liked rising Youtube sensations you just might heard a while ago:

1. Mikey Bustos
Filipino-Canadian Mikey Bustos is a singer-comedian. Former Canadian Idol contestant, he used Youtube as another media to connect to his fans. Known for his comedic videos, most of them caters Filipino customs and traditions. His hit Lady Gaga parody "Pinoy This Way" won hearts of thousands of Youtube viewers worldwide. Best of all, he is one proud Pinoy!

2. Brock Baker
This man of kajillion voices (he means only 400), Brock Baker knows how ro make everyone laugh. His comedic voice dub about "Friday" by Rebecca Black became viral thru the Internet. Recieving several positive feedbacks, it was followed by his own dubbed version of "Mafia Babies" and Jenna Rose's "My Jeans." Who would forget him everytime we heard "My hand is a dolphin."?

3. Conor Maynard
This young dude knows when to hit the notes on key.  Conor is known for singing his own version of Jessie J's "Price Tag," Rihanna's "Only Girl," Taoi Cuz's "Dynamite" and many more. This guy is on his way to Hollywood, if only Usher knew Conor. Catch him on Youtube with his soothing and cool voice that will drive everyone crazy.

4. Lady Gagita
Another monster was born! Little may not know but Lady Gagita has the beauty and body to become Gaga's impersonator. Making her name to stardom, she was known globally. With her popularity, she had her appearances on television shows. Way to go, Gagita!

5. Rebecca Black
Teen sensation pop singer, Black's "Friday" is one major hit. Her song is about any ordinary teen who goes out and chill with her friends. Criticized by many,  she recieved 

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