Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hey Daydreamer make waves in Youtube

Okay, I must admit that I have been a mouse potato lately since Youtube videos relieve me, while some were not that so! Another video of Rez Toledo, better known as 'Somedaydream' hits the music scene with his teen-retro pop music that surely will jive everyone crazy. Who would not reminisce childhood past times like hanging out with friends, wearing spunky-funky clothes and blowing cheap plastic bubbles while watching this?

A scene from his newest video

With directors Bianca King and Enzo Valdez, the music video is made possible for this 20-year-old dude. It sounds like the ones we used to hear from popular game consoles like Super Mario and Pac-man? Also, his partner in the said video is none other than Showtime host-fashionista Anne Curtis' sister, Jasmine Curtis-Smith. At the end of the video, you'll find yourself kilig and tantalize with Rez's eyes as Jasmine removes his Ray-ban glasses!

According to Youtube user comments, it is something Filipinos can show the world what we got. Being thought as a foreign made song, I hope this will be recognized internationally. Click the link below to watch video: Somedaydream - Hey Daydreamer

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eurotel Makati Brunch Buffet for only Php120.00!

Nothing like another dull day but what is something I should be thankful is that rain already go away. Today, I take my appetite to another gastric brunch buffet at Eurotel Makati located near Waltermart Makati. It is a hotel that showcase European fusion with Filipino cuisine. Foods may vary day by day. For Php120.00, a person gets an eat-all-you can from the array of choices that you'll surely love.

The buffet is composed of rice, sinigang, mixed vegetables, fried tilapia and pork tenderloin. What is a Filipino meal without the queen of the dining table. The staple meal is best, especially partnered with their appetizer, sinigang. It is a stew prepared with sour spices and a blend of a spicy flavor because of added green chili. An appetizer perfect to perceive a mouth-watering soup! Their mixed vegetables were also tasty that kids will like it. It is composed of chopped carrots, corn and ditch. It is a healthier option alongside with fried tilapia. A rich in protein, this fish is known as Saint Peter's fish. Cooked in a greasy manner, tilapia is one of the well-loved food eaten locally due to its juicy meat and abundant along market places. To those meat lovers, I recommend pork tenderloin. Sliced similarly to ham, it is easy to chew and tasty. Its sauce tastes like Haianese sauce for added flavor. Drinks are not inclusive yet Coca-Cola in can products  are sold for P60.00 and Del-Monte Pineapple or Pine-Orange in glass with the same price.


Even you are eating, you'll find yourself relaxed with their large flat screen television and their welcoming staffs that are ready to serve you. They also have a royal guard that looks like the ones we see in European news and shows. The chairs and tables are also well-provided. So fellow people out there, take the European food trip at Eurotel Makati!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Pacquiao-Mosley for Mother's Day

I just got home after watching Pacquiao-Mosley fight via pay per view at St. Giles Hotel in Makati City. Together with my family, it is our way to celebrate this year's mother's day.

Entrance Ticket

The room caters three projectors in front and three others located at the side. Chairs are properly arranged which accommodates everyone. Staffs are also friendly and courteous for guest's needs.

Based from the entrance ticket, the live pay per view is supposed to happen in the third level where Bayleaf Restaurant is located but due to the high number of people who are going to watch, the venue was changed at the sixth floor. Also, each ticket costs P600.00 only, with a brunch buffet with iced tea while additional beverages like beer, brewed coffee and juice costs P50.00.

Brunch Buffet

By 11:00 a.m., the brunch buffet is being served. Foods were very satisfying to a man's hungry stomach. One of the specialties they've prepared is the sausages with a blend of spicy chili. It already awakens my taste buds as I try their fish fillet and scramble eggs for a lighter fare. What is a buffet without chicken, cooked into perfection.  Their very own iced tea tastes good with lemon. Lastly is their delightful pudding with milk and generous sprinkles of cheese, cut into cute bite size squares.

The food, ambiance, my family and most especially, the victorious Manny Pacquiao, who stands proud Pinoy made up my day!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Pacquiao, Mosley Before The Fight

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For sure, the streets of Manila will be free from a congested traffic jam and restaurants, establishments and even local covered courts will be full of viewers, local or foreign, to catch the live pay-per-view fight of the anticipated boxing event of the most distinguished Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao against American Shane Mosley this coming Sunday, May 8, 2011 (Philippine Standard Time). Much has been expected from this fight.for this may be another remarkable success of Pacquiao if he wins. People also have bets for who will be hailed the victorious inside the ring.

According to Mosley in his Twitter account, he assures to Filipinos that they will have a clean, good fight with Manny. With all humility, he tweeted last April 12, written in Tagalog with "i tumingin forward sa magandang malinis na laban. ako excited." and "pagpapadala ibig at paggalang sa mga tao ng mga Philippines." Supposedly, he used an online translator yet the message instilled is clear.

While Sarangani Congressman Manny Pacquiao had his trainings here and abroad. Also, he had his bizarre preparation of performing the Dan Hill's hit single, "Sometimes When We Touch" wherein he will have his album released right before the big event together with the original singer-songwriter himself. Also, he will be using yellow gloves which symbolizes his advocacy against poverty.

Brace yourself for another boxing fight of 2011!