Saturday, May 07, 2011

Pacquiao, Mosley Before The Fight

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For sure, the streets of Manila will be free from a congested traffic jam and restaurants, establishments and even local covered courts will be full of viewers, local or foreign, to catch the live pay-per-view fight of the anticipated boxing event of the most distinguished Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao against American Shane Mosley this coming Sunday, May 8, 2011 (Philippine Standard Time). Much has been expected from this fight.for this may be another remarkable success of Pacquiao if he wins. People also have bets for who will be hailed the victorious inside the ring.

According to Mosley in his Twitter account, he assures to Filipinos that they will have a clean, good fight with Manny. With all humility, he tweeted last April 12, written in Tagalog with "i tumingin forward sa magandang malinis na laban. ako excited." and "pagpapadala ibig at paggalang sa mga tao ng mga Philippines." Supposedly, he used an online translator yet the message instilled is clear.

While Sarangani Congressman Manny Pacquiao had his trainings here and abroad. Also, he had his bizarre preparation of performing the Dan Hill's hit single, "Sometimes When We Touch" wherein he will have his album released right before the big event together with the original singer-songwriter himself. Also, he will be using yellow gloves which symbolizes his advocacy against poverty.

Brace yourself for another boxing fight of 2011!

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