Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 22 is Earth Day!

With the vast changing things that happens to our environment, one of the most affected is our home, planet Earth. We cannot doubt that we, as care takers of Mother Nature should help in saving and preserving it. That is why on April 22 will be the international observance of Earth Day.

Pledge an Act, Save Our Planet

As of April 21, 2011, 
72,358,011 acts of green have been created.

Even though you are at home or work, you can make a pledge about how to make our home planet a cleaner, greener and safer place for us to live in.

Head over to to submit your entry via registering to their website or using your Facebook Account.

So starting today, why not try to use a bicycle instead? or even use an eco-friendly bag instead of plastic when you go to the supermarket? In that way, you can take part with other people from all over the globe to save and protect our planet!

For more information, go to

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