Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friendster, Saving Memories and Past Experiences

Friendster: Export Now

Time flies so fast. There are so much memories that I had. Thus, change is constant. As I look back in time, I once again opened my Friendster account. It is one of the things I considered as my milestone. I saw how much different are my friends before. Some of them are the ones I cannot recognize already. Even my kids were so young in those photos and now they are in high school. I also read shout outs from others which were months and some were years ago. I felt touched when I opened my testimonial and comment box. Some would ask me to exchange testimonials with them. I like how wonderful those things they said to me and the ones who even remember my birthday. (Facebook shows when is your birthday unlike Friendster before.) My friends sent me animated and glittery greeting cards to my page. Good thing is that my favorite song is still playing in my page. Because of Friendster, I send messages to my friends. It was the only communication I had because it is fast and free!

Now, Friendster will have its diversion into a social-entertainment site that everyone will surely enjoy. Your photos, information, messages and comments can be recover via EXPORTING. You can save them to your computer. Do not forget that it is until May 31, 2011. Brace yourselves for another exciting Friendster site that will come!

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